Hi! My name is Yelitza Jansen and I love to be creative and coffee of course.

Front end development

I always been very creative in many disciplines, mainly in illustrations. But since a few months I started to educated myself as creative frond-end developer. Something I never thought I would enjoyed it so much.

I love to grow in it and learn new things every day. At first it was something very scary because it is something totally different as illustrating or mastering adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. But seeing that the stuff you create with coding actually works and people like to see it gives you a big smile on your face. With Front-end development you can go anyway you want with your travel.


Since I was a little child I started to draw and I never stoped. My style is described as surrealism, humorous and just a slightly weird. I like to go to expositions and get aspired with their drive.

I don’t always have a subject for my drawings sometimes I just draw. But I do have some drawings that have a story like how I feel about social media or other new movemenst in history.
That is the great thing about drawing you decide what you put on paper.


See something you like or what to work with me? Just give me a email!

Contact: yellibeanz@gmail.com

Projects I worked on

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